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Help young refugees from Ukraine
with the ChariT-shirt. It carries our
credo-logo EARTHEARTH where the
word EARTH changes to HEART and
further to THE ART depending which
letter you start reading with.

The profit from the sale of our first product will be completely donated for projects supporting young refugees from Ukraine.

Based on Manfred Peckl´s artworks
dealing with the transformation of
words into other words by repetition
PLANET W focuses on the production
and communication of such ideas for
positive change.

changing minds
changing habits

Manfred, Sybilla

Thorsten, Karola

teamed up
to create PLANET W

The w in planet w stands for word and world.
Various questions like why, what, where, who, when find answers based on the different professional backgrounds we have. Sybilla is a designer, Manfred is an artist, Karola is a journalist, Thorsten is an architect.
We share the love for design with sense and value.

Our ChariT-Shirt for Ukraine

Prize: 39 €

25 € from each shirt will go to ukrainian refugee kids.

How to order?

Since we are just starting thank you for understanding that we ask you to pay in advance.

Please fill out the order form and transfer the amount to:

Stadt-Sparkasse Erlangen
Sybilla Weidinger

IBAN DE 56 7635 0000 0000 012861

We keep you informed about the where, the what and how much here on our homepage.

Our T-Shirts are 100 % bio-cotton. We want to work more and
more climatfriendly and sustainable. That’s why we don’t
produce big amounts in advance and we ship ecofriendly.